Valencia High School Student Highlighted in LA Times

Valencia High School Student STEM-based program in Irvine fosters the next generation of med tech talent

Valencia High School student Erica Zhang was recently highlighted by the Los Angeles Times. Here is an excerpt:

When Erica Zhang heard about MIRE, a STEM-based program for high school students over the morning announcements at Valencia High School in Placentia, she perked up.

“I have always had an interest in science, but it grew even more in middle school after I did Science Olympiad,” said Zhang.

Zhang aspires to a career in science and jumped at the chance to try something new.

“I thought it sounded like a really good opportunity, and I should definitely do it,” she said.

MIRE, the Medical Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship program, is one of the ways University Lab Partners in Irvine is working to foster the next generation of STEM leaders and innovative life sciences talent

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