Kraemer wins first place at Science Olympiad

On Saturday, Dec. 12, Kraemer Middle School won first place overall at its second Science Olympiad invitational, which was hosted by Ladera Vista Junior High School in Fullerton. Along with 27 other teams in Southern California, Kraemer successfully competed in this daylong event, which culminated in Kraemer’s first win of the season.

Fresh from a competition in Sacramento the previous weekend, the Kraemer team went to work in a number of early events. Team members were well prepared, and, while the competition got more intense as the day progressed, everyone felt confident as they faced the challenge head-on. As a result, Kraemer dominated in a number of events, such as Bottle Rockets, Food Science and Green Generation. In addition, Kraemer also performed well in other events, such as Picture This, Reach for the Stars and Experimental Design. This was truly a team effort!

Afterward, the team celebrated the hard-fought victory with a dinner at Souplantation in Brea, where team members, coaches and parents finally had a chance to savor their achievement.

The team is also looking forward to hosting its first invitational at KMS on Saturday, Jan. 9.

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