Gayle Birchfield is back at Parkview

Born and raised in Orange County, Gayle Birchfield started with Parkview School as a parent nearly 15 years ago when she homeschooled her three children. Now that her children are teenagers – seniors Carolyn and Ryan, and freshman Katelyn, all attending Yorba Linda High School – she’s decided to work outside the home again.

Parkview is the lucky recipient of this decision, as Gayle is now teaching biology and chemistry classes.

Gayle earned her bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton. She also has a single subject credential in life science, and a supplementary in math. She taught for five years before becoming a fulltime mom and homeschool teacher/parent.

When not sharing the wonders of science with students in her classroom at Parkview, you might find Gayle in her vegetable garden, scrapbooking, or feeding her wanderlust and traveling the path not yet taken. She resides in Yorba Linda with her family, and has been married to her husband Mark for 25 years.

Welcome to Parkview, Gayle!

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