Parkview’s performing arts students do it again!

Parkview students performing Shrek the Musical Jr.

Parkview School performed “Shrek the Musical Jr.” over Mother’s Day weekend.  It was a HUGE success!  Students ranging from Preppy-K to seniors in high school were all part of the entourage of performers. With over 50 students performing, not counting the many students who helped with the props, backstage, and sets, the show was quite the endeavor.

Students started auditioning and practicing in December to make this a HUGE HIT! To include as many students as possible, Mrs. Summer Frey, the director, came up with the great idea to have three Fionas at different stages in her life.  In addition, other students had multiple parts or were part of ensembles to give everyone the opportunity to participate.

The stage manager, senior Lindsay Prescott, was identified and highlighted in the Orange County Register last year as one of Orange County’s student performers to watch.

Each cast member had two to three costume changes, sewn by hand by the costume team lead by two extraordinarily, creative seamstresses; Marti Edmonds and Jennifer Zonni.

The cast of performers included Kaleb Hernandez, James Kim, Henry Kipe, Jackson Mays, Lorenzo Reyes, Jacob Edmonds, Kelly Kudlik, Meagan McCafferty, Olivia Zonni, Joe Edmonds, Ryuga Madokoro, Josh McCafferty, Eli Peterson, Nana Madokoro, Andrew Salladin, Phoenix Frey, Madalyn Kients, Aerowyn Jones, Bella Kientz, Everett Wandrey, Danielle Houch, McKenzie Scmid, Nova Peterson, Lexi Clelland, Nicole Salladin, Ellie Fleming, Johannah Roth, Kate Wandrey Hannah Frey, Caelin Seleznoff, Gabrielly Mercado, Ashelle Tulleja, Arissa Sims, Andrew Edmonds, Matthew Clelland, Michael Nichols, Emi Sasajima, John Elliot, Brooklyn Burton, Susannah Wandrey, Maci Wiley, John Elliot, Hannah Cerny, Dominic Falcone, Lucas Falcone, Kendra Hernandez, Chloe Ormisher, Juliana Pastora, Dylan Proctor, Elyse Proctor, Toby Proctor, Liem Sassajima, Ashlyn Sims, Conrad Sims, Drew Sims, and Brittany Skinner.

If you’ve never been to a Parkview Performance, put it on your calendar for next year! You will be ‘shocked and awed’! The talent of these students is AMAZING!

The school would like to thank all the parent volunteers giving of their time and energy to ensure the success of this musical production. This includes everyone from those who participated in ‘Set Build Saturday’, those who worked at the ‘Spring Cleaning Yard Sale fundraiser, those responsible for ticket sales, rehearsal help with the students, backstage crew, photography and props. None of this would be possible without the dedication, time and energy they share with Parkview. It takes a community!

Parkview students performing Shrek the Musical Jr. Parkview students performing Shrek the Musical Jr.  Parkview students performing Shrek the Musical Jr. Parkview students performing Shrek the Musical Jr. Parkview students performing Shrek the Musical Jr. Parkview students performing Shrek the Musical Jr.

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