Two Val Tech seniors co-author books on data and algorithms during summer internship

Books created by students.

Valencia High School seniors Joshua Culmer and Emily Beck completed their 150-hour Val Tech Academy internship at Boeing this summer. There, they were mentored by Mr. Tony Lee, a software engineer, technical lead, and project manager.

Under his supervision, Josh and Emily were on a team that wrote and published two computer science textbooks. Joshua and Emily worked together to write “Data Structures and Advanced Algorithms,” and Emily worked with Mr. Lee to co-author “Sorting and Searching Algorithms.” The two books are pictured with the students’ names listed below.

The team worked long and hard to accomplish this feat which, for years, had been unsuccessfully attempted. According to Mr. Lee, this team was successful due to their dedication to the task and their teammates.

Joshua is in the Val Tech program, and the school’s Orchestra and Jazz Bands. He is also a Boy Scout currently working towards becoming an Eagle Scout.

Emily is a dual-candidate in the Val Tech and IB programs, an officer and member of the school’s Dance team, and a Girl Scout. She is also co-president of #BuiltByGirls, an organization on campus that pairs young women with professionals in tech industries.

Great job, Val Tech students!

Books created by students.

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