Students participate in Kindness Week at Bryant Ranch School

Kindness week at BR.

Students at Bryant Ranch School had the opportunity to participate in their first Kindness Week during the week of April 19-23. During Kindness Week, each day represented a certain activity which included bingo, friendship chains, special Earth Day actions, and a fun and interactive baking night.

The purpose of Kindness Week is to recognize that simple day-to-day acts of kindness enable our community to be a kinder, safer, healthier, and more inclusive place to live, work, learn, and play. Students were able to participate with their classmates, teachers, and even at home. All of the various activities highlighted the need to recognize the importance of being kind: kind to yourself, kind to the planet, kind to your classmates, and kind to the entire world. Students from preppy K to 5th grade all had a chance to do something special and unique during Kindness Week.

One of the most exciting activities during Kindness Week was the friendship paper chain arts and crafts activity. Meant as a symbolic gesture that we are “all one world”, students wore colors representing their classes and wrote words of encouragement and kindness on paper strips. The colored strips were then linked together to represent that we are all linked together in some form and shape.

Students were also encouraged to participate in an eco challenge during Kindness Week as part of an initiative to be kind to the planet. Students were able to write their environmental pledges on up-cycled plastic cutouts. Prizes were given to those who completed the various tasks included in the eco challenge such as use reusable silverware, walk or bike to school, and more!

“Our PTA went above and beyond to make our students feel special and have a great first week back to full day!” Principal Shannon Robles shared.

Kindness week at BR. Kindness week at BR.Kindness week at BRS.

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