Lakeview’s Expanded Learning is Catapulting Into Summer

Lakeview's Expanded Learning is Catapulting Into Summer!

Lakeview’s expanded learning program is launching students into summer with an exciting exploration of physics and engineering. Recently, students from transitional kindergarten (TK) through fifth grade built and used catapults to practice math skills.

TK and kindergarten students built simple catapults, aiming at targets and counting the numbers they hit. First and second graders chose between two catapult designs, then aimed and added up the numbers they landed on. Third to fifth graders selected from three catapult versions, estimated launch distances, and measured the actual distances achieved.

This hands-on activity not only introduced basic engineering principles but also reinforced math skills appropriate for each grade level. Throughout the project, students worked collaboratively, enhancing their teamwork and communication abilities.

Lakeview’s expanded learning program continues to make education fun and engaging, propelling students into a summer filled with discovery and excitement.

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