Kraemer “Rising Stars” and “Advancing Tigers”

Kraemer Middle School has started a new mentoring program for students who are potentially at-risk academically or social-emotionally.

Because the middle school experience is so quick, the school felt like it needed to be more proactive in providing support for students in a preventative manner before they “self-identify” as struggling by having low grades or off-target behavior. Using data collected from the previous school year, Kraemer identified 100 students who could use more positive adult interaction during their time in middle school.

Fifty seventh graders have been dubbed “Rising Stars,” and fifty eighth graders are now “Kraemer Advancing Tigers” (aka KATs). These students are provided an adult mentor on campus, who will be meeting with them in a small group setting each Friday during our P.R.I.D.E. period. P.R.I.D.E., or Personal Responsibility for Individual Development and Education, is a 30-minute period during the school day that serves to support all learners on Kraemer’s campus through student enrichment and intervention.

The Rising Stars and KATs will be developing positive relationships, setting goals, checking grades and putting together plans for when they’re struggling in a class. The teachers and other staff members working as mentors volunteered for the role, and are looking forward to leveraging deep, meaningful relationships into greater academic success.

After their first meeting with the mentors, the Rising Stars and KATs are already showing greater motivation and commitment for success in school.

Kraemer’s motto of “Perseverance Always Wins” is being lived out through this new endeavor.

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