Parkview honors volunteers with annual tea celebration

Parkview graphic.

Parkview is holding their annual Volunteer Tea, Friday, May 25. This volunteer tea is actually a luncheon put on by the Parkview staff.

Parkview volunteers are made up of the parents and grandparents of Parkview students. They work tirelessly in the classes, at the leadership dances and activities, along with in the performing arts program.

Many parents/grandparents have shared their talents offering gardening, Geography trivia, mixed media art, and PE classes which have included: fencing, karate, golf, and volleyball to name a few.

Parents volunteer their time attending workshops in Step Up to Writing, Advanced Benchmark, and Big Ideas. All of this as well as teach their children.

It takes many hands to accomplish the performing arts program. This year’s performing arts program consisted of two plays: “Into the Woods” and “Alladin”. Parents had the opportunity to be chaperones, build and paint sets, direct vocals and choreography, sewing, making and fitting costumes, applying make up, along with the needs of backstage. It takes many hands corraling 75 little people on and off stage at the appropriate times.

Many parents often take on the role of helping District personnel with the technical aspect of the plays which include lighting, music, and microphones.

It was once said, “…it takes a village…” At Parkview, they celebrate and honor their village.

Thank you Parkview volunteers!

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