Morse Elementary School encourages students to care for the environment through recycling

Morse families collecting recycling for students.

Students have many opportunities at Morse Elementary School to learn beyond the walls of the classroom. Through student leadership and various clubs, students learn the importance of giving back and respecting our world.

Principal Tonya Gordillo noted, “As a school community, we look for ways to educate students about real world issues.”

This school year, one club students are able to join is the Morse Recycling Club. The idea of the Recycling Club is for students to learn about the importance of protecting the natural environment along with raising money to support the school’s PBIS Wildcat Warehouse.

As a school, Morse promotes recycling. In classrooms, teachers raise awareness by encouraging students to recycle plastic bottles in blue recycle bins found in each school building. In addition, students are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles to refill throughout the day at the school’s hydration station. During lunch, supervisors and students collect recyclable trash to dispose of in recyclable containers. Through these efforts, all students learn that every small step makes a difference.

In addition to recycling at school, on the first Monday of every month the Recycle Club collects bottles and cans from Morse families. During morning drop-off, families bring bags of recyclables to a designated drop-off location. Morse students, staff, and parents collect the recyclables and tally classroom points for each bag delivered. Classes earn points towards class rewards and prizes. Once school begins, a local company collects the donated recyclables. Over $150 was earned at the first recycling event.

The Recycle Club hopes to encourage more Morse students to donate and reach a goal of over $200 at the November recycling event. Through this venture, students are learning an important lesson on protecting the environment and enjoying working as a team to raise money for their school.

Great job, Wildcats! Keep up the good work.

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