VHS students earn top honors following National Chemistry Olympiad tournament

VHS students.

Congratulations to Valencia High School (VHS) students Aayush Somani and Jiwon Jeong for attaining honors (top 154 in the nation) in the National Chemistry Olympiad held on April 27.

Aayush and Jiwon were among thirteen students selected from the top 160 chemistry students from 43 Orange County high schools who competed in the Local Chemistry Olympiad on March 2. Only two other schools from Orange County had more than one student among those top thirteen students.

Additionally, only fourteen other high schools across the U.S. had their students perform better in the National Chemistry Olympiad.

Both Aayush and Jiwon along with Valencia’s entire Chemistry Olympiad team will be honored at the annual ACS High School Chemistry Awards dinner held on Tuesday, May 21 at California State University, Fullerton

Way to go, Tigers!

VHS students.

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