Sports continue to unify students at Esperanza High School

Esperanza High School’s (EHS) Unified Sports Team is proud to announce their second consecutive, successful start of the school year!

A few years ago, Unified Sports started at Esperanza as a club led by students focused on inclusion and building friendships through sports and activities. In the past, EHS has hosted several Unified Sports events where students with disabilities and general education partners joined together to train and compete. These events have typically included a crowd full of fellow Aztecs excited to support the athletes in their competitions.

Now, the Esperanza Aztecs have expanded their program by offering two courses of Unified Physical Education! Similar to the club, this PE class is a fully inclusive program that combines students with disabilities and general education students in a non-competitive learning environment.

Unified PE allows all students to participate in developmentally appropriate activities including lifetime activities, physical fitness, and sports. Students work together to increase competence and confidence in a variety of physical activities. Through ongoing leadership opportunities, members of this course are empowered to help create a more inclusive and accepting school environment for all students. At Esperanza, all students are encouraged to use their unique skills to support each other!

Way to go, Aztecs.

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