Local mayors interviewed by Parkview School student

Student with Mayor Shader.

Parkview student Nathan Guerrero was fortunate to interview various local mayors including Jesus Silva of Fullerton, Jim Gomez of La Habra, Brian Bergman of La Habra Heights, Christine Marick of Brea, and Rhonda Shader of Placentia.

Nathan’s interview with Mayor Shader revealed that she enjoys serving her community more than anything. Like almost all mayors Nathan interviewed, Mayor Shader said that the most time consuming issue in Placentia is homelessness.

In her free time, she plays with her two dogs and also enjoy golfing and making mini gardens. According to Mayor Shader, her and her fellow council members get along great. In fact, they get along so well that at one point they hid her gavel and replaced it with a carnival inflatable toy!

Keep up the good work Nathan in getting the local scoop!

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  1. Thanks for an informative summer! Keep up the great interviews.

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