Rose Drive garden —- new beginnings

One would not expect to see students at Rose Drive Elementary School on a cold weekend morning, but that’s exactly what took place on Saturday, Dec. 12.

As part of their service project, Cub Scouts Connor Grewal, Derek Sanchez, Austin Mies and Zachary Barajas arrived early to meet fifth grade teacher, Mr. Mike Fredstrom, to work on the school’s new garden. The first step involved the weeding and removal of current plants in the selected planter, along with the preparation of the soil, ensuring a healthy and thriving environment. After almost five hours of digging, raking and rototilling, the planter is now ready for the next phase, which will involve the construction of a picket fence to surround the planter, handmade wooden signs and the actual planting of selected plants.

Our leadership group — along with several lower classes — will be heavily involved in the planting and long-term care of the plants. Students will learn firsthand what it takes to grow and sustain a variety of edible plants, which provides a meaningful context for students to apply new academic concepts and skills. The opportunities for children to practice traditional academic subjects in the garden are limitless. Lessons can encompass both math and language skills as students learn to measure, calculate, graph and communicate about things that matter to them, thus deepening their understanding of the subject. As you can see, we have much to be excited about!

The Cub Scouts wanted to do something meaningful for their school — something for which they would be remembered. We think they are well on their way! Thank you to Mr. Fredstrom and the team of Scouts, along with their leader Mrs. Grewal, for their involvement in this first phase. How excited we are about phase two!

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