Parkview School celebrates two students for impressive achievements

Parkview school student

Parkview senior Kayla Kim was nationally recognized by the College Board for receiving the National Hispanic Recognition Award for outstanding performance on the PSAT and/or an AP Exam. Congratulations, Kayla!

Parkview Senior, Tyler Kim will be presenting in January at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston, which is the largest mathematics gathering in the world. This Student Poster Session usually features first-year graduate students, however, Tyler was selected as a high school student presenter, which is quite amazing!

Content for this includes a new result, a new proof of a known result, a new mathematical model, an innovative solution to a Putnam problem, or a method of solution to an applied problem. Tyler’s presentation is “Classifying kth Roots in POI (n): A recursive Simplification” which he has worked on for the past 7 months.

“We are so proud of Tyler and his accomplishments and wish him the best of luck come January,” Principal Dominique Polchow shared.

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