Lakeview Elementary School third-graders learn about determination with the help of special guests

Lakeview elementary special guest visitors.

Character building is a very important piece to the growth, development, and academic success of students in Mrs. Olson & Mrs. Riggio’s 3rd-grade classroom at Lakeview Elementary School!

Using PYLUSD’s core values of Excellence, Collaboration, Integrity, & Innovation as their focal point and foundation, each month, a new character trait is introduced and related back to one or more of those values. In January, the focus was on determination.

To help develop their students’ understanding of the importance of this trait and the impact it can have in one’s life, guest readers were brought in to read a children’s story that highlighted this trait as well as share their own personal stories where determination helped them both to achieve their short and long-term goals. Miss Yorba Linda read the story, Emmanuel’s Dream by Laurie Ann Thompson while Oakland A’s coach, Eric Martins, read Baseball Saved Usby Ken Mochizuki.

Lakeview’s 3rd graders asked many questions and listened to wonderful wisdom from two successful people, walking completely different lives, but who both were connected through the carrying of a determined spirit as they met various challenges within their life while working to accomplish their goals.

Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Riggio’s students showed appreciation to their class guests by providing thank-you cards, flowers, baseball snacks, and a signed bat with all of their names on it! Coach Martins was so touched that he said he would take the bat back to the Oakland A’s locker room for display during this upcoming 2023 season and beyond.

These were two impactful moments for Lakeview’s 3rd graders in Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Riggio’s class, and they sure have a stronger understanding of the importance of having a determined heart.

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