Students show off their math knowledge during visit by Board Member

Glenknoll classroom visit.

Board Vice President Leandra Blades recently observed a math lesson at Glenknoll Elementary School. She watched third-grade students sit on the floor working in pairs to solve a problem: Three friends want to share 5 candy bars so that each friend gets the same amount. Students used different methods to all arrive at the same answer.

Once the discussions were finished, their teacher chose three teams to present their thinking to the class. The class analyzed each others’ thinking and built mutual understanding and respect for different ways of arriving at the same place. All this while developing a deep understanding of what fractions really represent!

“Thank you to Mrs. Blades for her visit and for leaving the class with a new problem: 32 Chocolate bars need to be equally shared with 27 students!” Principal Terry Mulcahy shared. “Great problem, Mrs. Blades!”

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