JOYA Scholar of the Week: Julian Victoriano

JOYA Scholars is a nonprofit based in the Garnet Neighborhood of Fullerton. JOYA (pronounced “Hoya”) is the Spanish word for “gem” or “jewel.” They are an education advocacy group that supports students through one-on-one mentoring, academic tutoring and SAT prep, among other outreach efforts. The goal of JOYA Scholars is to prepare junior high and high school students for college success.

During the month of September, JOYA Scholars will highlight various students and their academic achievements. According to JOYA, “Nothing excites us more than seeing the faces of Garnet Neighborhood students looking forward to another school year.”

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, JOYA announced that El Dorado High School senior Julian Victoriano is the JOYA Scholar of the Week.

Julian is the only senior high school student in the JOYA program this year. His brother, Solomon Victoriano, is a former JOYA Scholar, and a current sophomore at University of California, Irvine. Both brothers have an affinity for science, with Solomon majoring in electrical engineering and Julian planning to major in astrophysics.

As a senior at EDHS, Julian is taking great strides to achieve his dream of going to college. Not only is he preparing to take his first set of SATs this fall, but he’s also continuing to take advanced placement (AP) classes in science and history.

Helping Julian has been Jim Yang, Julian’s mentor at JOYA. Jim’s words of encouragement and ongoing direction have been invaluable. In times of stress and indecision, Jim has always found ways to help Julian look at the bigger picture. “No matter what I’m going through, Jim has a way of making me laugh. I am thankful he’s been there for me,” commented Julian when describing his mentor.

“I know this is my final year, and I’m going to do all I can to succeed,” said Julian during a recent meeting with JOYA Program Director, Jessica De La Paz.

Congrats to Julian Victoriano on this wonderful accomplishment!

julian-setting-academic-goals-with-program-director-jessica-de-la-paz jim-yang-julian's-mentor

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