Brookhaven’s third grade garden is blooming

Third graders at Brookhaven Elementary School, in conjunction with the FOSS (Full Option Science System) “Structures of Life” science kit, plant a garden of flowers each fall to brighten up campus. Later in the year, the students plant a variety of seeds, including peas, green beans, corn and other vegetables, as they learn the life cycle of plants. The vegetables are harvested and sold at their annual Marketing Day, and the proceeds go to buying seeds for the following year. The Brookhaven garden is a wonderful hands-on learning experience!


Brookhaven fifth graders demonstrate patriotism
In honor of Constitution Day on Friday, Sept. 16, fifth graders at Brookhaven Elementary School proudly recited the preamble to the Constitution in front of the entire school. It was the first flag ceremony of the year, and the students eloquently explained what the preamble is and why it is important. They also talked about the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. Patriotism was shown by wearing red, white and blue, and waving American flags. They had been working very hard in history class with their teacher, Mrs. Walls, to prepare for this event. With the entire school and many parents watching, they performed perfectly! Great job fifth grade!

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