Teacher swap day at Rose Drive

On Friday, Oct. 23, in return for reaching their third school-wide Jog-A-Thon fundraising goal of $15,000, Rose Drive Elementary School students enjoyed a lesson taught to them by a teacher from a completely different grade.

For example, fifth grade teacher Mr. Fredstrom taught second grade, and kindergarten teacher Mrs. Whaley taught fourth grade. This was a day that students looked forward to like no other, and we can see why.

Pictured are third grade teacher Mrs. Fast with Preppy K students at a play dough center, second grade teacher Mrs. Abadie with fifth graders and their 3-D art projects, kindergarten teacher Mrs. Whaley with fourth graders and their silhouette art projects, fourth grade teacher Mrs. Powers with kindergarten students and their pumpkin-themed booklets, and fifth grade teacher Mr. Fredstrom with second graders and their lesson on symmetry.

This time was enjoyed by students and teachers alike, and is something we have a feeling students will be talking about for years to come.

rose-drive-teacher-swap-2 rose-drive-teacher-swap-3 rose-drive-teacher-swap-4

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