Science Fair at Woodsboro Elementary School

Woodsboro science fair.

On February 23, Woodsboro Elementary’s upper grade students participated in the school’s annual science fair. Students in grades 4 – 6 were invited to follow the steps of the scientific method and complete a science project that investigated a testable question with independent and dependent variables.

Parent volunteers interviewed students about their projects and then narrowed down the winners to first, second, and third, as well as five honorable mentions per grade level. The sixth grade winners will have the opportunity to advance to the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair which takes place at the Orange County Fair Grounds on March 14.
Woodsboro science fair.
Here is a complete list of winners:

4th Grade

Award Student Teacher
1st Jackson Day Strohmenger
2nd Aidan Morris Friedrichs
3rd Dean Oteyza Strohmenger
Honorable Mention Abigail Garay Pope
Honorable Mention Nethra Rajkumar Strohmenger
Honorable Mention Noah Choi Friedrichs
Honorable Mention Lauren Wong Hawkins
Honorable Mention Irene Kim Strohmenger

5th Grade

Award Student Teacher
1st Adnan Harianawala Friedrichs
2nd Mason Surratt Hawkins
3rd Natalie Hawkins Livergood
Honorable Mention Kendra Livergood Hawkins
Honorable Mention Jacksen Pailma Friedrichs
Honorable Mention Dylan Maze Warman
Honorable Mention Benjamin Reichenthal Livergood
Honorable Mention Cole Carson Livergood

6th Grade

Award Student Teacher
1st Noelle Bulis/Hosanna Chung Chung
2nd Geoffrey Muller Bradley
3rd Emily Sun Bradley
Honorable Mention Caleb Lee/Aidan Cross Chung
Honorable Mention Darrius Huynh Bradley
Honorable Mention Jordon Easley Keshishian
Honorable Mention Ryan Schmetzer Grimsley
Honorable Mention Nathan Zazueta Grimsley

Woodsboro science fair. Woodsboro science fair.
Great job, Honey Bees!

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