PYLUSD families impacted by Anaheim apartment fire receive gift cards, new beds generously donated by Eastside Christian Church

Families who received donations after apartment fire.

After a series of local fires, including a very large fire on North Rio Vista Street in Anaheim, several Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) families lost almost everything.  The families were left to find new apartments, purchase new furniture and other household items, and emotionally exhausted.

Fortunately, PYLUSD has a great relationship with Eastside Christian Church of Anaheim.  The church had received a $9000 donation from an anonymous donor on the east coast, with the only stipulation that it was used to help people who lost their homes in a fire in California.

Erica Flora, Community Compassion Leader from Eastside, contacted Jon Matson, McKinney Vento Homeless Liaison from PYLUSD, and the two collaborated to help seven of District families.  These families, mostly from Rio Vista Elementary School, received $1500 each to recover from the devastating fires.  Eastside donated extra money, as well as beds, which were additionally donated from Custom Comfort Mattresses. The families were thrilled to receive gift cards so that they could all go out and purchase what they needed for their new apartments.

Mr. Matson commented, “Losing everything you have in a fire is devastating. Our families really have suffered a lot. We are extremely fortunate for the collaboration we have with Eastside Christian, who always seems to come through for our families. Jose Cabrera, Principal of Rio Vista Elementary School, (pictured right) is very grateful for the assistance provided from Eastside to his families, and would like to send a big thank you to the folks from Eastside, and especially to the anonymous donor from the east coast.”

Mr. Matson added, “The compassion shown by this church is truly inspirational, and we continue to be grateful for everything Eastside Christian does for our most vulnerable families.”

PYLUSD would also like to thank Arty VanGeloof​ also from Eastside Christian, and Dave Moore of Africa Fire Mission, who were instrumental in making this generous donation possible.

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