Kraemer partners with Eastside Christian Church for their day of service

Over 150 students attended school on Saturday, Nov. 14, to culminate a week of “Breaking Down The Walls,” which focused on student connectedness and learning to overcome differences.

Kraemer Middle School teachers and staff worked alongside Eastside Christian Church volunteers and Valencia High School students to provide our students with meaningful activities, including obstacle courses, group activities centered on collaboration, team building and cooperation.

One of the activities was breaking down a wall built out of cardboard boxes. Students wrote their challenges and obstacles on one side, and positive statements and messages on the opposite side. Then, students ran together as a group through the wall of boxes in a symbolic gesture.

The event ended with a barbecue lunch for all participants, which was served by Eastside Christian Church volunteers. In addition, each teacher was provided with a gift bag of goodies for their classroom.

The Eastside Christian Church day of service was memorable for students and teachers. A big thanks to Eastside Christian Church!

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