Morse Elementary hosted Literacy Night to Celebrate the Joy of Reading

Morse Elementary hosted Literacy Night to Celebrate the Joy of Reading

On Thursday, April 11, Morse Elementary hosted Literacy Night, a family event that brought together parents, educators, and students to celebrate the joy of reading and equip families with valuable strategies to support their children’s literacy development.

Morse’s primary team of TK, Kindergarten, and 3rd grade teachers led a presentation designed to empower parents with practical reading strategies. The teachers spoke on topics such as phonics, comprehension skills, and fostering a love of reading at home. Parents eagerly participated in hands-on activities and discussions, gaining valuable insights into how they can support their child’s literacy journey.

Students of all ages, from 2.5-12 years old, participated in a variety of engaging activities that promote literacy skills in a fun and interactive way. The read-aloud, Dragons Love Tacos, was accompanied by various reading strategies, including making predictions, identifying vocabulary terms, and recognizing cause & effect. The students then completed a cause & effect activity, as they recalled different events from the story. Children were then given an opportunity to create their own dragon and taco…complete with lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes!

Beyond the presentations and activities, Literacy Night is about building connections and strengthening the school community. Parents had the opportunity to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. By empowering parents with valuable strategies and resources, Morse hopes to foster a culture of literacy that extends beyond the classroom walls.

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