Rio Vista Elementary Shines Bright with “Moana Jr.” Performance

Rio Vista Elementary Celebrates Triumph with "Moana Jr." Performance

An extraordinary performance unfolded on May 23rd and 24th at Rio Vista Elementary School, as 54 exceptionally talented performers took to the stage in an unforgettable rendition of “Moana Jr.” Under the expert direction of Mr. Leonel Diaz, the school community witnessed a moment of immense pride and joy.

For the past seven months, these dedicated students from grades 3 to 5 have been diligently rehearsing, pouring their hearts and souls into perfecting their roles. Mr. Diaz’s guidance and leadership have been instrumental in shaping them into a cohesive ensemble, showcasing the immense talent within the school.

The success of this production was truly a collaborative effort, with the entire school community coming together to support the students’ efforts. Teachers, staff, parents, and volunteers worked tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that every detail was attended to and that the performance would be nothing short of spectacular.

The students of Rio Vista Elementary have demonstrated what is possible when individuals come together with a shared vision and commitment to excellence. Congratulations to the cast, crew, and everyone involved in bringing “Moana Jr.” to life. Your dedication and passion have left an indelible mark on Rio Vista Elementary, and your performance will be cherished and remembered for years to come.

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