Young Entrepreneurs in Action In Wagner’s 6th Grade Economy

Young Entrepreneurs in Action In Wagner’s 6th Grade Economy

At Wagner Elementary, 6th grade students are diving into the world of business, thanks to the innovative efforts of teachers Sherri Cruz and Ashlee Duncan. These educators have built an immersive classroom economy that brings basic economic principles to life. Students start by creating resumes, applying for jobs, and managing their own budgets, which includes paying for “rent” and “utilities.”

In preparation for the much-anticipated Business Day, students submit detailed business plans. These plans outline their funding sources and include decisions on whether to run their ventures solo or hire classmates. Business Day, occurring four to six times each year, is when student businesses come to life. On this day, students set up shop and engage in commerce by buying and selling within their classroom community. They can reinvest their earnings into their businesses or spend within the classroom economy, fostering a cycle of economic activity.

Throughout the year, students use their funds to participate in a year-end auction for various prizes, adding an exciting conclusion to their economic endeavors. Teacher Sherri Cruz expresses her enthusiasm for the program, saying she loves “seeing how creative these students can be all while using real-world applications of math and social skills!”

This engaging experience not only teaches students valuable real-world and academic skills but also fosters teamwork, making learning dynamic and fun. The classroom economy at Wagner Elementary is a testament to the power of experiential learning, preparing students for future success in a way that is both educational and enjoyable. Way to go Wildcats!

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