Rose Drive morning valet

On any given morning before school starts, you will find a team of responsible and enthusiastic fourth and fifth graders greeting and waving cars forward in the Rose Drive Elementary School parking lot. Their role is an important one, requiring them to:

  1. Greet parents and students with a smile as they arrive.
  2. Ensure cars pull all the way forward so as to keep a regular and consistent flow of traffic.
  3. Open and close car doors to ensure students exit in a safe and efficient manner.
  4. Bid parents a friendly farewell with a wave and a “Have a nice day!”

Thanks to all five teams for their commitment to this important duty, and for their smiles (despite the early hours). Come rain or shine, wind or cold, the district commends you for your commitment to parking lot safety and routine. Teams include: Red Vines, Magical Unicorns, Rosie Patrol, Rainbow Rosies, and Rosie Rockets. Go Team Valet!


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