Robotics competition at Valencia features 30 high schools

The TiGears, Valencia High School’s robotics team, hosted the Southern California Regional Robotics Forum’s (SCRRF) 2015 Fall Classic over the weekend on Saturday, Sept. 26, and Sunday, Sept. 27.

The annual off-season FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®) featured over 30 participating high school teams, and was based on FIRST’s 2015 Recycle Rush FRC ( game.

Taking images from three cameras and a computerized scoring system, students, using the school’s video production system, streamed video of the games across the Internet.

On Jan. 9, 2016, FIRST will announce a new game. Six weeks later, Valencia will host a practice event in which teams from Southern California will test and fine tune their robots built specifically for that new competition. In late March 2016, VHS will host a formal event for that new game in which 40 schools are expected to compete.

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