Dr. Domene visits Mabel Paine Elementary

Superintendent Dr. Doug Domene took a moment on Thursday, Oct. 8, to visit several classrooms at Mabel Paine Elementary School. Dr. Domene makes it a point to visit every single classroom in the district’s 34 schools at least once during the school year.

While at Mabel Paine, Dr. Domene observed a flag raising by students, and watched second graders compete for prizes in the Global Cardboard Challenge in the multipurpose room.

domene-visits-mabel-paine-6 domene-visits-mabel-paine-7

He also performed magic tricks for some curious kids.

domene-visits-mabel-paine-2 domene-visits-mabel-paine-3 domene-visits-mabel-paine-4 domene-visits-mabel-paine-5

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