ED LAW students hear from alumni in college, pursuing careers

ED LAW Discovery, a new class for freshmen in El Dorado High School’s ED LAW Academy, featured a “College/Career Check-Ins” event over the last two weeks as part of “What’s Next Wednesday,” a weekly focus on life after high school.

During the Check-Ins, ED LAW students have a chance to get a snapshot of some aspect of college and career life, as well as advice about high school, by seeing guests’ work and collegiate environs, hearing about their academic and career journeys, and taking part in an engaging Q&A.

Class of 2016 El Dorado alumnus and Digital Media Arts Academy (DMAA) graduate Nolan Voge came for a “virtual visit” last week to show the freshmen his dorm room at San Diego State University, and tell them about his college experience. Additionally, class of 2004 alumna Tiffani Bui LeTourneau “visited” ED LAW Discovery from Uber. Tiffani, a member of the 2002 championship Mock Trial team, is a graduate of both San Francisco State University and the University of California, Davis, School of Law (a partner in El Dorado’s Pathway to Law School program), and currently works as an in-house attorney for Uber.


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