Bernardo Yorba, Tuffree students take PSAT8

Bernardo Yorba and Tuffree AVID students

Sponsored by the AVID program, some diligent eighth graders braved a grueling early morning start time to sit for a three-hour exam usually reserved for high school students. The PSAT8, covering language arts and mathematics, offers a preview of what high-stakes testing looks like for eighth graders before they move on to high school. Mrs. Swarm from Bernardo Yorba Middle School and Mrs. Schultz from Tuffree Middle School implemented the program for the first time this year for about 60 forward-thinking students. AVID students were highly encouraged to take the exam, but some additional seats were offered and quickly filled by other students as well. Both sites are likely to expand the seats available next year.

As part of the certification for AVID, the district is encouraged to begin prepping students for the types of academic behaviors that lead to success along the path to a four-year university. “The earlier students can get a glimpse at these types of tests and experience the rigor required to do well, the more likely they are to be successful later on with scholarships and college acceptance,” said Mrs Swarm.

Students will receive detailed feedback from College Board about their areas of strength and their needs so that they can build skills to improve performance in their classes and on future tests.

Way to go PSAT8 test takers!

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  1. Paul LaPorte | March 24, 2017 at 8:13 pm | Reply

    Awesome job Bernardo Yorba and Tuffree Middle Schools!

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