Parkview’s Open House

Parkview Open House

Parkview School’s Open House was a huge success! The theme this year was, “Books: Food for Your Brain.” Students were tasked with sharing their favorite book, poem or author. On display were dioramas, hanging banners, haikus, PowerPoint presentations and other literature-based projects. Staff, students and parents were invited to dress as their favorite author or book character. Seen walking around campus was author Patricia Polacco, Harry Potter and the Velveteen Rabbit, to name a few.

Additionally, clay potters and ceramic artists from the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton were on campus sharing their expertise. They aided students in throwing clay on the wheel, and making their own pots. A visiting printer from the International Printing Museum in Carson brought his mobile printing museum. He taught children how the first printing presses were used, and why we call them uppercase and lowercase letters (hint: it had to do with how the letters were placed on racks before being used). Students then had the opportunity to make a bookmark using his “vintage” press.

The evening also included a cake walk and a steak walk – yum! A surprise element this year was a flash dance mob. The leadership/National Honor Society (NHS) students did an awesome job pulling this off. Lots of winning smiles!

As a service to families, the Parkview Boosters sold pizza, salad and water for dinner. Dessert was a root beer float.

As you can see, Parkview’s Open House differs from a traditional school open house. Parkview’s event gives those in the community who may not be familiar with the school’s blended program the opportunity to stop in, visit with staff, learn about the program and meet new friends. Many of Parkview’s families come from outside the district’s geographic boundaries. It’s this initial contact at the Open House that piques their interest for more information.

If you or someone you know is interested in Parkview’s blended learning program, contact Principal Mrs. Kathie DiRocco.

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