Morse Elementary gets a Halloween visit from Dracula

Morse Elementary on Halloween.

What a wonderful treat the students received on Halloween day at Morse Elementary!  Students in preppy-K, kindergarten, and first grade attended a special presentation by “Dracula,” Mrs. Heather Reekstin.  Mrs. Reekstin serves as an instructional coach for the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD).

This assembly included a dramatization of the story, “Big Pumpkin,” by Erica Silverman.  In the story, a witch plants a pumpkin seed in anticipation of making pumpkin pie.  However, the pumpkin grows and grows.  The witch is not able to get it off the vine to make her pumpkin pie and has to resort to allowing others to help her.  In the end, the witch learns that allowing others to help and that with teamwork, things can be achieved.  While Mrs. Reekstin acted out the story,  the students participated in pulling and tugging and chanting along.

In addition to the dramatization, students sang and role-played “Looking for Dracula” by Charlotte Diamond.   The students were actively participating by singing and dancing while learning new vocabulary words.  The assembly concluded with the students singing “Witches’ Brew” while using realia to enhance the story.

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