Lights, Camera, Action! Morse Elementary Announces Video Production Company

Morse Elementary School is excited to announce the new video production company Wildcat News Network (WNN). The video production class is off to a fantastic start this school year, as students dive into the world of filmmaking with enthusiasm and creativity.

Students have been working diligently on various projects that have not only sparked their imaginations but also enriched their learning experiences. They recently released their first video featuring Morse’s Trunk-or-Treat, the Bookfair, Red Ribbon Week, 6th grade’s Otter Pop Fundraiser & BooGrams, College Wear Wednesday, Spirit Day Friday, and more.

One of the most valuable lessons these students are learning is the importance of teamwork and effective communication. They are working collaboratively in groups, assigning roles, and learning how to share their ideas and feedback constructively.

Students have already learned how to write scripts for their videos, develop visual plans for their projects, and operate cameras and experiment with sound recording; they are in the process of learning how to piece together footage, add special effects, and create polished final products. Their classmates, teachers, and families enjoyed watching the first episode of WNN.

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