Tigers earn 6th place in Science Olympiad

VHS Science Olympiad team.
The Valencia High School (VHS) Science Olympiad team placed 6th overall in competition this past weekend​.  Here is a summary on how the Tigers performed in individual events:
  • 1st in Write it Do it – Erika and Erin Kim
  • 3rd in Optics – JiYoo Jeong and John Han
  • 3rd in Rocks and Minerals – Meghan Wang and Sharon Wang
  • 4th in Chemistry Lab – Meghan Wang and Jiwon Jeong
  • 4th in Dynamic Planet – Magen Pham and Jiwon Jeong
  • 5th in Mousetrap vehicle – Andy Hon and Ryan Hon
  • 6th in Disease Detectives – Erin Kim and Connie Chang-Chien
  • 6th in Ecology – Magen Pham and Sharon Wang
  • 6th in Game On – Verna Chang and Erin Kim
  • 6th in Materials science – Jiwon Jeong and Joseph Park

Great job, VHS!

VHS Science Olympiad team.

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