Val Tech students practice hands-on learning and more at Boeing’s Engineer’s Week

VHS Boeing students.

On Tuesday, February 19, four Val Tech students — Emily Beck, Derek Hung, Brandon Kwon, and Lily Simmons — were given the opportunity to visit Boeing and celebrate Engineering Week. The students started their day hearing about the first-hand experiences of several engineers, followed by a young engineers panel, where students were able to ask questions of five current employees.

Then, during lunch the students were matched up with a mentor who shared his insight with the Valencia students and provided more personalized discussion. The Tigers students asked great questions and were able to gain more knowledge about the mentor and engineering.

The students were then able to compete in three hands-on events including a catapult launch, gas tank level challenge, and a newspaper tower design challenge. Working together, the Valencia students were one of the only school teams to successfully complete the gas tank level challenge, where they were able to utilize a water bottle to light up 4 LED lights in sequence as the water level rose.

The students were excited to visit Boeing for the day and are looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of the Boeing Summer Internship Program. VHS is so grateful for the continued partnership and the experience it provides their students!

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