Esperanza High School dance team up-cycles trophies to benefit others

Trophies to be recycled by EHS dance program.

For 30 years, Esperanza High School’s dance team has been heavily involved in repurposing trophies. Together, the program collects and donates the awards to programs that serve disabled veterans and special olympic athletes. Now, the team is also offering the items to programs that would like to award trophies at music and dance banquets, but cannot afford them.

The Aztecs go above and beyond for the individuals that they up-cycle the trophies for by teaching them how to change out the “trim,” or the plates and engraving that displays the year and award. For $3.00 to purchase new trim, disabled veterans, special olympic athletes, and other students and programs can receive a high quality trophy that would have cost $200.00.

Through the years, the dance team has also encouraged many other high school programs to participate in the same effort. It helps programs that can’t afford trophies while teaching individuals to repurpose so they don’t go into a landfill.

Recently, the Aztecs even coordinated the collection of over 200 trophies for pick up this year! Way to go, EHS dance!

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