El Dorado DMAA student designs promotional poster for Love Placentia

EDHS DMAA student winner.

El Dorado High School (EDHS) recently received a request from the local organization OC United for assistance from the junior designers in the Digital Media Arts Academy (DMAA).  The hope was that DMAA students could develop a poster and flyer to help promote the annual Love Placentia community service event happening on Saturday, April 28.

As a result, EDHS DMAA teacher, Mr. David Block, assigned the project to his Digital Design and Illustration, as well as his Visual Communications classes.

In the end, the winning design, created by freshman Bertina Sung, was selected from over 100 different designs.  Bertina was subsequently tasked with designing a smaller postcard version, as well as a Spanish language iteration for the poster and postcard.

Great job, Golden Hawk!

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