Glenview Elementary School observes Día de los Muertos

Glenview ES.

Glenview Elementary School’s Dual Language students and classrooms celebrated “Día de los Muertos” on Friday, November 2. In honor of the cultural celebration, students read stories, and completed and presented expository writing pieces about loved ones who have passed on.

Together, classrooms enjoyed hot chocolate and pan de muerto in honor of the special day. Kindergarten Dual Language students adorned a special hallway “Día de los Muertos” altar honoring loved ones who have passed on. Glenview’s traditional strand students were also invited to bring in a photo of a loved one, to add in memory of and in tribute of the special celebration taking place at Glenview.

While Halloween’s origin is related to All Saints Day, the Dia de los Muertos celebration could not be more different. Halloween’s images are traditionally madeGlenview ES. Glenview ES. Glenview ES. Glenview ES. Glenview ES. to be spooky or scary. On Dia de los Muertos, the focus is on celebrating and honoring one’s family, both those who have passed away and living. The passing of loved ones is not seen as the end of one’s life, or something to be viewed with fear, but a stage of the life cycle where loved ones can be remembered and honored.

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