Lakeview Elementary School Holds PTA Fundraiser at Blue Scoop Creamery

A tasty Lakeview dining day took place on October 11th at the adorable Blue Scoop Creamery in Yorba Linda. Dining with Lakeview is a new theme this year for Lakeview’s PTA fundraisers.

As soon as students were released from school, they and their families headed over to this unique ice cream shop. Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Riggio, Mrs. Lester, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Bissell, and Mrs. Given were guest scoopers for all of the Lakeview Lions.

Students were excited to see their teachers, principal, and school staff greet them, scoop, and serve their favorite ice cream flavors. Dr. Olivia Yaung and Alyssa Griffiths visited as two supportive customers from the district.

The mint & chip, cookies & cream, and pumpkin cheesecake flavors were clear favorites. It was a successful fundraiser that was full of smiles and happy spirits.

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