Investment in Early Learning Continues With the Opening of the Bryant Ranch Preschool Program in Yorba Linda

Bryant Ranch preschool.

The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District’s (PYLUSD) newest preschool program is officially open at Bryant Ranch School in Yorba Linda. The program welcomed excited students and families on October 16 as the district’s second preschool to open this year.

“We are proud to see our investment in early childhood education programs already yielding tangible results,” Superintendent Dr. Alex Cherniss shared. “Our new preschool program at Bryant Ranch is poised to deliver substantial enhancements in language and cognitive development, greatly enriching the educational experience of our youngest learners.”

The preschool program at Bryant Ranch is fee-based, with families paying an affordable rate based on the number of days and hours their student attends with both half-day and full-day options available. The program aims to meet the developmental and individual needs of students ages two years and nine months to five years old in an inclusive and nurturing environment. The student-to-teacher ratio in each classroom is 12:1. 

Back in May, the district announced the addition of two new preschool programs—one at Wagner in Placentia and Bryant Ranch. Wagner first opened its doors in 1982 but unfortunately had to close its doors during the pandemic. At the start of the 2023-2024 school year, it reopened as a hybrid state-funded and fee-based model. The state-funded preschool portion of the program is an income and need-eligible qualifying program so that socioeconomically disadvantaged students can learn for free in a safe, healthy, and age-appropriate educational environment. Like Bryant Ranch, the fee-based portion of the program offers schooling options for families at an affordable rate.

The district now boasts seven preschools with three more new hybrid programs planned to be opened in the near future. State preschools exist on the campuses of  Melrose, Rio Vista, Ruby Drive, and Topaz while the fee-based programs are at Bryant Ranch and Linda Vista. Wagner is the district’s only hybrid fee-based and state program.

The district’s Early and Expanded Education Department, under the direction of Director Dr. George Lopez, and the Maintenance and Facilities Department, led by Executive Director Mr. Bradd Runge, were both instrumental in preparing the program and learning space to be able to welcome students. 

To enroll for Bryant Ranch Preschool, visit or call the Department at (714) 986-7030. More information about the district’s preschool programs can be found online at

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