PYLUSD Teams Earn Top Honors in the FIRST LEGO League Southern California Qualifier Tournament

Woodsboro's BeeBotics team.

Travis Ranch, Fairmont, and Woodsboro Elementary Schools participated in the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Southern California Qualifier Tournament at University of California, Riverside on November 11.

Participation in FLL allows students to tackle real-world, hands-on STEM challenges. Teams work together to design engineering solutions and build LEGO robots that perform a series of tasks. The FLL Qualifier Tournament determined which teams would be moving on to the FLL State Regionals.

Each team demonstrated that learning is more important than winning. Their high-quality work is motivated by the students’ eagerness to learn more and do more, and their commitment to learning and growth fuels the engine of progress for the REACH Foundation PYLUSD Teams.

The students supported each other throughout the day, interacting with and respecting other teams, and showing gratitude to the judges, parents, and our community organizers. They did a great job exemplifying the Core Values of teamwork, inclusion, impact, fun, discovery and innovation.

The Woodsboro Team won the 1st Place Innovation Project Award and were ranked 3rd overall in the competition. The Fairmont Virtual Reality Team received the 2nd Place Core Values Award. Both teams will be advancing to State Regionals. The Travis Ranch Trailblazers took home the Engineering Excellence Award.

“We are so proud of our Woodsboro team for earning first place for their Innovation Project and 3rd place overall in the competition, which boasted 24 teams,” shared Woodsboro Principal Melanie Carmona. “We would like to thank the volunteer coaches and Ms. Gisele Nguyen for giving their time to our team and instilling these important traits for success.”

A Woodsboro parent reflected on her son’s experience with FLL, noting: “During the last 11 weeks, he has learned how discipline, hard work, perseverance, and teamwork can bring success and we can not thank you enough for letting these kids learn these values by practicing those!”

Another Woodsboro parent commented, “They also kept their school work at high standards and additionally every one of the students have other extracurricular activities they participate in such as sports, etc. This is a true example of dedication and commitment.”

The Woodsboro BeeBotics included students Saanvi Amrutiya, Eason Huang, Naysa Malik, Avanish Nangare, Maya Pittman, Samihan Shaligram, and Allyson Tam and they were coached by Mrs. Madhura Shaligram and Mr. Ken Tam.

The REACH Foundation would like to acknowledge and thank Mr. Eddie Tabata, Assistant Principal at Travis Ranch, for his belief and advocacy for the FLL program. Eddie helped secure and organize the facility and space to host three large Lego Tables, robots, and equipment, enabling students to work and iterate in a STEM hub. They would also like to thank Mrs. Anne San Roman, Principal at Fairmont, and Principal Carmona for their ongoing support. Their presence at the mock competition provided encouragement, invaluable feedback, and motivated the students!

Congratulations, PYLUSD teams!

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