Students Across the District Benefit from Opportunity to Learn Fundamentals of Computer Science

Computer science at Morse.

The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District has partnered with Code to the Future to work with current seventh-grade students at Bernardo Yorba Middle School as well as 13 elementary sites—Brookhaven, Fairmont, Glenknoll, Glenview, Golden, Morse, Ruby Drive, Sierra Vista, Topaz, Tynes, Van Buren, Wagner, and Woodsboro elementary schools. Code to the Future staff will provide direct computer science instruction to students, affording them the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of game and mobile app design.

Students at Morse Elementary School were engaged and excited as they started to receive game and app design instruction from Code to the Future following winter recess.

“Computer Science began today at Morse Elementary as Code to the Future gives our students experiences in coding that will be offered at the district’s new charter school, the Orange County School of Computer Science, opening this fall!” shared Superintendent Dr. Alex Cherniss.

Game and app design targets students’ creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and computational thinking. Students will learn how to take the foundations of coding to design and create their own projects while engaging collaboratively with their peers, designing their own game and app, and presenting their projects.

The district was intentional in its partnership with Code to the Future to provide the foundation for computer science immersion and coding at Bernardo Yorba and across all elementary schools. The partnership will prepare students to integrate coding and computer science into core content areas such as history and science as the district opens the Orange County School of Computer Science (OCSCS) at Bernardo Yorba in Fall 2024.

On Friday, January 19, Bernardo Yorba hosted a parent tour to highlight the instruction offered as a part of Code to the Future and give a glimpse into the educational experience OCSCS will offer.

“Thank you Code to the Future and principal Dr. Beth Fisher for allowing me to join a packed parent tour of our new Orange County School of Computer Science!” Dr. Cherniss noted. “We are filling up fast but still guaranteeing enrollment for all 6th-8th grade PYLUSD students.”

Learn more about OCSCS and enroll for the 2024-2025 school year today at

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