Career Day at Yorba Linda High School Teaches Students About a Wide Variety of Industries

Career Day at YLHS.

On Wednesday, December 20, Yorba Linda High School PTSA hosted College and Career Day, which included the entire student body of 1,600 students and marked the first time Yorba Linda High School hosted such an event since 2019. College and Career Day allowed students to learn about different careers from over 50 presenters representing a variety of career sectors, including business, engineering, medical, and law enforcement. 

The event was a success, and one student commented on the event stating, “I liked the wide variety of speaker options! I had a hard time choosing just three people to hear from because they were all so interesting!”

Additionally, the speakers were very informative and provided students with detailed information and insight to pursue career paths.

Another student commented, “There were many different careers that you could choose from, and I was able to see the differences between careers I am interested in.”

Teachers also found value in the event, sharing: “It’s good for our students to hear from people in other careers. It’s especially meaningful to have former YLHS students come back and share.”

“Thank you PTSA and Career Day speakers who dedicated their time to speak to our students and expose them to multiple career paths,” Principal Dr. Richard Dinh noted. “This experience elevates students’ awareness of the importance of planning for a future career and the opportunities available to them in the community!”

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