Lakeview Elementary School Students Spread Kindness Across Campus

Lakeview Elementary School Kindness Week 1-22-2024

Since January is designated as “Kindness Month,” Lakeview Elementary School spearheaded a Kindness Campaign led by Laila Murhi, Heather Day, and Piyorasa Li during the week of January 22! Students were able to complete the Great Kindness Challenge checklist, which was full of ways to show kindness to others. When completed, students received a special certificate.

A Kindness-themed spirit week was also added in to magnify the character trait. Students wore tie-dye to show Peace, Love, & Kindness. Lakeview Lions dreamt of kindness by wearing their pajamas. Working out problems is always important to do, so students wore their workout gear.

“We all know that Lakeview is crazy about kindness so students participated in wearing crazy socks,” teacher Natali Riggio shared. “On Friday, students wore school spirit wear to cheer on the importance of showing kindness to all! GO TEAM KINDNESS!”

During lunch, the Lions participated in kindness-themed activities such as writing appreciation messages to teachers, spreading smile slips to friends and family, and designing kindness stickers. Teachers also took this opportunity to teach about this character trait in their classes by reading stories and sharing videos.

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