Yorba Linda Middle School Students Excel in Nationwide Math Competition

Fifteen Yorba Linda Middle School student completed

Yorba Linda Middle School has been hosting a math competition group since 2015, with a recent participation of 19 students in the American Math Competition 8. The “8” designation indicates its focus on 8th-grade curriculum. These dedicated students diligently prepared for the competition by attending practice sessions before school on multiple mornings.

The primary objective of the competition was to engage students with captivating mathematical problems, fostering their interest in the subject. Recently, the results of the competition were unveiled to the Bobcat community, revealing an average score of 13 correct answers. Notably, several YLMS students showcased exceptional performance.

Student Selina Li achieved the Distinguished Honor Roll recognition, representing the top 1% nationwide with a remarkable score of at least 22 out of 25 questions answered correctly. Additionally, Levi Calo, Ashley Lindbeck, and Vanessa Ligot received Honorable Mentions for their commendable performance, each answering at least 15 questions correctly.

“If you see any of the students, please congratulate them on their diligence, love of learning, and excellent work. Thank you to everyone—PTSA, admin, math teachers, parents, etc.—who supported this group!” Math Teacher William Lin shared.

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