El Dorado High School Hosts Hawkchella a Celebration of Community and Kindness

A Celebration of Community and Kindness at El Dorado High School

Last week, El Dorado High School (EDHS) hosted Hawkchella, an event organized by the ED LAW Capstone Hawks. The primary goals of Hawkchella were to build relationships, foster community, promote kindness, and encourage involvement among students and staff. Over the course of three days, the event featured a variety of activities, each designed to engage and inspire the participants.

The festivities kicked off with rock painting sessions where students decorated rocks with positive messages. These rocks will be donated to Rose Drive, Golden, Wagner, and Brookhaven Elementary schools, spreading positivity beyond the high school. Following this, a Business/Community Service Expo provided students with the opportunity to connect with local businesses and service organizations, further strengthening community ties. The final day featured a unified soccer game, “The Champions Cup,” which combined EDHS Soccer players with members of the Unified PE class, creating an inclusive and spirited competition.

The planning for Hawkchella was spearheaded by the dedicated ED LAW Capstone students. They began by presenting their well-thought-out plans to the EDHS Administration. After receiving approval, they spent several weeks refining their plans and raising funds. The community rallied behind them, with donors contributing shirts, medals, and a trophy for the soccer match. An Amazon wish list was also created to gather additional supplies needed for the event.

The highlight of Hawkchella, “The Champions Cup,” was a resounding success. The match attracted a standing-room-only crowd, all of whom cheered enthusiastically for every goal. The sight of students and community members coming together, cheering on their peers, and celebrating their shared achievements epitomized the spirit of Hawkchella. The event exceeded all expectations, showcasing the power of unity and community spirit.

EDHS extends its gratitude to everyone who supported and participated in Hawkchella, making it an unforgettable event that truly embodied the school’s values of kindness, involvement, and community.

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