Earth Day in Mrs. Nicholson’s first grade class at Lakeview

At Lakeview Elementary School, Mrs. Nicholson’s first grade class spent the month of April talking about their responsibilities for taking care of the earth. They have been recycling bottles and cans for the last three weeks, and have one more week to go. In the first two weeks, they earned over $100. They will visit to decide how best to spend the money once the recycling drive is over. The drive is titled, “Recycling for Change,” because Mrs. Nicholson wants the students to see that they can make a difference in the world by doing something as simple as recycling. Today, they spent the day reusing items that might go in the trash to create fun and new things, such as flower pots, pencil holders, bracelets, organizers and fun art projects. The class collected cans, jars, old arts and crafts supplies. They used nothing new. They called it their “Trash Party,” and everyone had a blast! They also visited each classroom, and sang a “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” song while wearing Earth Day shirts that they made.

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