College prep physics students at El Dorado take part in egg drop project

On Friday, Oct. 28, Mr. Robert Kanne’s physics students at El Dorado High School participated in an egg drop competition. Ninety students in three classes designed and built a container that holds a raw egg. The contraptions were then dropped from the roof of the Joe Raya Gymnasium by Mr. Kanne in order to see if the eggs survive. The gym roof is 27 feet high, and the projects hit the ground at a speed of 29 mph, unless the students design a feature on their package that slows down the descent. The students experienced both the “thrill of victory” (egg survived) and the “agony of defeat” (egg broke). Egg survival was key to the score, but other factors include the weight of the project, how close it hits to the target and the students’ creativity.

Click here to watch a video.

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