Travis Ranch students donate thousands of items to Topaz Elementary families

Recently, under the direction of the WE Club, students from Travis Ranch School collected over 3,000 items, and made a field trip to Topaz Elementary School to disseminate the donations to McKinney-Vento families.

It is the mission of WE club to help local charities and service organizations in the PYLUSD community. Teacher adviser Paola Hellwig was thrilled with the results, and mentioned that her students really enjoyed the experience.

The “WE” in the school’s WE Club is not an acronym – it stands for “WE can do anything we set our minds to do. WE can make a difference in the world.” WE Club officers are President Logan Mills, Vice President Angelina Hellwig, Secretary Isabella Hellwig, Treasurer Carmen Montellano, Campaigns Chair Britain Furniss, and Paige Reddick and Karina Shah, both in charge of media.

“We are so grateful for our collaboration with Travis Ranch,” commented PYLUSD’s McKinney-Vento liaison Jon Matson. “They really come through in a big way. Their generosity continues to amaze us!”

Great job, WE Club!

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  1. My child is a student at topaz Elementary. I was not made aware of this program whatsoever and do not know when it was. I am unsure of its purpose as well.

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